Spray Additive

Spray Additive reduces surface tension of the spray droplet on the leaves and cuts through leaf waxes on the target species. It stimulates the plant, opening the stomata to absorb the spray quickly and completely.  It reduces the need for additional spraying should rain occur, thus decreasing the chance of contaminating run-off.   Spray Additive mixed with herbicides, fertilizers, growth regulators or fungicides accomplish two things: a reduction of leaf burn and up to a 30% monetary savings, as the amount of chemicals used can be reduced to (or below) the lowest application rate.  It also allows spraying to be done 10-12 degrees higher (or lower) than normal temperature ranges permit.
  • 100% environmentally safe
  • Contains only pharmaceutical, food and detergent grade chemicals
  • Increases chemical and water uptake reducing the need for additional spraying should rain occur, thus decreasing the chance of contamination run-off
  • Opens the stomata and guard cells stimulating plant growth
  • Used at the rate of 4-5 ounces per acre on most agricultural, industrial and commercial spray operations
  • Reduces phytotoxicity and leaf burn

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1 Gallon Makes Up to 32 Gallons of Solution
• pH is 5.0 – 6.0
• 100% Organic Product from citrus peels
• 100% Pure Concentrate
• Environmentally Safe and Non- Toxic
• Pleasant Citrus Scent Odor Control

Available Sizes – 1 gallon, 5 gallons and 55 gallon drums

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