Chemical Spill Kits

At Aabaco Environmental Industries, our chemical spill kits can keep incidents from becoming disasters. We offer high-quality spill kits with our best products in many packages. These are specifically formulated to handle any water-based chemicals, including coolants, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

A properly stocked, maintained, and deployed chemical spill kit can protect the environment, keep your company from clean-up costs, fines, and other financial repercussions, and protect your company’s valuable reputation. Save time, money, and energy with Aabaco’s popular chemical spill kits today!

  • Contains our state of the art encapsulating powder – Absorb Plus
  • All spill kits are produced in the USA
  • Made from the best quality materials available for the highest durability and performance
  • Products come in a duffel bag, tote bag, or bucket
  • Absorb anywhere from 15-105 gallons of liquid per spill kit (see options below)

PRIVATE LABEL: At Aabaco Environmental Industries, we specialize in CUSTOM SPILL KITS that utilize your brand and logo.  Allow our team of experts help develop a chemical spill kit that meets your specific needs and requirements.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (561) 988-3282  so we can further explore your needs.

About Aabaco Environmental Industries

Aabaco Environmental Industries has provided a range of spill cleanup products across multiple industries for decades. We are well known for our oil and chemical spill kits, absorbents, bioremediation and safety products, and much more. Our use of oil-eating microbes has proven effective and efficient, and we use only the best natural, sustainable products. Whether spills are large or small, or over land or water, we can help.

For great customer service, value, and high-quality products and materials, Aabaco is here to satisfy your unique needs.

Contact us to purchase or inquire about our spill kits and other spill control products today. We’ll absorb anything, anytime, anywhere!

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