Sundial Pre-Spray® and Spot Remover

Sundial Pre-Spray® will provide a pleasant citrus fragrance to any room. With so many uses as a Cleaner, Maintainer and Deodorizer, it is the most versatile carpet product you can buy! USE JUST 4oz. PER GALLON OF WATER SUNDIAL PRE-SPRAY® is the state of the art product for the carpet cleaning professional. SUNDIAL PRE-SPRAY® has a vast array of uses such as spot cleaning, heavy traffic areas, smoke and water damage, lifts chewing gum and candle wax from carpets, removes tar, grease, lipstick, blood, paint, ink, crayon, etc.

Just mix 4oz of SUNDIAL PRE-SPRAY® per gallon of water, spray on and extract. Your carpets will look and feel cleaner because they WILL be cleaner with a fresh scent of oranges.


Packaging available: 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums

  • 100% Organic - oils derived from citrus peels
  • Environmentally safe and Non-Polluting
  • Carpet cleaner, maintainer and deodorizer
  • 1 gallon makes up to 32 gallons of solution
  • Ph is 5.5 & 6.8 when mixed with water
  • Lift chewing gum and candle wax from carpets
  • Clean water and smoke damaged areas
  • Sundial pre-spray can be used in foggers
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