Sundial Dry Foam Shampoo®

Packaging available: 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums


  • Produces high, stable foam
  • Soap free formulation to reduce residue
  • Removes soil by holding dirt in suspension until vacuumed
  • Dramatically reduces dirt attracting residues
  • Leaves carpet with a pleasant fresh air fragrance
  • Provides maximum cleaning
  • Provides minimum wetting with high foam level

Directions: SUNDIAL DRY FOAM SHAMPOO® is extremely simple to use. Dry Vacuum. Apply shampoo solution through tank compartment of electric pressure shampoo machine. Shampoo solution immediately works up into a Super Dry Foam, loosens soil, keeps soil suspended, carpet dries fast. Then dry vacuum and brush pile when necessary.

For use with regular single circular brush machine, use same solutions as above. As brush starts rotating solution becomes Dry Foam. Proceed from corner using rotary strokes. Overlap in circular fashion. Do not shampoo too long in one spot. When dry, use vacuum and brush pile if necessary.

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