Oil Socks & Booms

Oil-Only absorbent socks and booms absorb hydrocarbon-based fluids and repel water. These types of socks and/or booms are most commonly used to skim oil off of water during an oil spill emergency. Socks come in oil only, general purpose and hazmat, while Booms are oil only.

Oil Socks

Socks contain and absorb runaway fluids and/or skim hydrocarbon based fluids off of the surface of water. Socks are commonly used to prevent fluids from spilling out into walkways or open drains.

They are also used for emergencies (packed in spill kits and deployed first). Our durable spunbond sleeve absorbs and draws various fluids into the fluffy, fibrous center.

Oil Booms

Booms are linked together, forming a barrier around the perimeter of a spill. Once the spill is contained, pads and rolls are deployed to absorb most of the spill. Booms are oil only (adsorbs hydrocarbon based fluids and repels water) and used on top of water from lakes and ponds and any other waterway.

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