Golf course superintendents have relied on OIL-AABSORB™, more than any other product for over 20 years to treat hydraulic oil spills on their golf greens. Fast, Clean and Cost Effective! When used as directed, OIL-AABSORB™ makes petroleum and vegetable oil products water soluble and keeps the oil in solution while quickly and safely removing them from any surface, including TURF.

The OIL-AABSORB™ encapsilates the oil, which is then washed from the roots and crowns protecting you from turf damage, high costs and time.

OIL-AABSORB™ APPLICATIONS: Golf Course Greens and Fairways - Burner Cleaning Services - Parts Dip or Degreaser.

OIL-AABSORB™ Information

Packaged: 5 Gallon Container

  • Encapsilates oil and turns water soluble
  • Protect roots and crowns from oil damage
  • Contains no butyls, solvents or phosphates
  • Just mix with water and wash oil off your turf
  • A shelf life of FOREVER, even when pre-mixed!
  • Turn vegetable oil into a soap!
  • Reduce your costs and time with Oil-Aabsorb
  • Works on all types of oil, except synthetic
  • Use with Bio-Aabsorb IND & Bio-Aabsorb Micro-N™ for soil remediation
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