BIO-AABSORB Microbial Oil/Water Separator Tablets™

BIO-AABSORB OWS TABLETS™ tablets contain a live, synergistic blend of all natural, Class 1 bacteria specifically chosen for their accelerated ability to metabolize hydrocarbon.

When the tablets are used as a regular maintenance product, it will significantly reduce the hydrocarbon buildup that leads to backups or pumping. Fast and Simple to use. Just drop 2 tablets a month into tank. One tablet treats a 500-1000 gallon tank.

BIO-AABSORB OWS TABLETS™ will virtually eliminate the high costs of transportation and disposal of the waste oil from separators and interceptors. The organisms used in the tablets are completely natural, not engineered, non-pathogenic and non-toxic bacteria.

They are chosen for their safety value and their synergistic ability to metabolize hydrocarbons and other contaminants and convert them into carbon dioxide and water. Reap the economic benefits by using this effective low-tech biodegradable product which eliminates the cost of material and disposal fees.

  • Packaged in a Case (20) Tablets
  • Specifically designed for Oil/Water separators
  • Dissolves on contact with water
  • Slow release design w/ constant supply of bacteria
  • Natural, not engineered, non-pathogenic and non-toxic bacteria
  • Reduced oil remediation and disposal costs
  • Digest any hydrocarbon including Gasoline, Oil, Diesel and BTEX
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