BIO-AABSORB Microbial Liquid Cleaner™

BIO-AABSORB LIQUID CLEANER™ is a multi-purpose liquid cleaner with orange turpene. It is a microbial, bio-remedial cleaner with oil eating microbes. Our new and improved formula is 100% environmentally safe.

BIO-AABSORB LIQUID CLEANER™ is used in lieu of a "general" cleaner/degreaser because it will digest any hydrocarbons on contact as it cleans the surface with oil eating microbes.

BIO-AABSORB LIQUID CLEANER™ makes disposal extremely simple because the byproducts of this bio-remedial process are carbon dioxide and water.

BIO-AABSORB LIQUID CLEANER™ can be applied using a manual sprayer and brush or a pressure washer. It can be used to clean and remediate asphalt, concrete, vehicles, equipment, shop floors or any hard surface.


  • Packaged in 5 gallon pail
  • Cleans and remediates petroleum on any hard surface including shop floors, driveways, oil containment areas, equipment, car and truck washes and much, much more
  • Digests industrial hydrocarbon waste Removes oil sheen from water
  • Reduces "TPH" and "BTEX"
  • Remediates oil in oil/water separators
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