BIO-AABSORB MICRO-N™ is a concentrated, dry blend of stabilized bacterial spores and micronutrients formulated for use in the degredation of petroleum based hydrocarbons.

Absorb and clean up oil spills Quickly and Effectively with microbes.

BIO-AABSORB MICRO-N™ is an absorbent, bio-remediation and oil spill remediation product made from milled BAGASSE. Bagasse is a waste byproduct of the sugar cane industry.

These fibers are infused with concentrated soil microbes and nitrogen, thereby enhancing the ability to break down and digest the oil or hydrocarbon. Bagasse is a natural absorbent and has an uncanny ability to absorb the same amount of oil whether it is wet or dry.

BIO-AABSORB MICRO-N™ is an environmentally friendly material which is self-composting and actually turns crude oil into a humic material - TOP SOIL (dirt)!

BIO-AABSORB MICRO-N™ APPLICATIONS Contaminated Soils and Turf - Shop Floors, Driveways and/or Any Hard Surface Lakes, Ponds, Waterways - Elevator Shafts and much, much more.

BIO-AABSORB MICRO-N™ Packaged: 2 Cubic Foot Bag & (8) x 2 lb per case

  • Absorbs and retains all oil on contact
  • Less cost for oil spill remediation and cleanup
  • Floats on water even when completely saturated with oil
  • Absorbs 8-20 times its weight
  • Works on all water types including salt water
  • Works over a wide temperature range
  • Reduces oil remediation and disposal costs
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