Antiseptic Hand Wash Products

DuPont RelyOn™ Antiseptic Hand Wash Products

The RelyOn™ Antiseptic Hand Wash Products offer a convenient way to reduce bacteria on your hands which, in turn, helps in reducing the spread of germs.

The RelyOn™ Antiseptic Hand Wash Products come in many different varieties including: Hand Gel, Individual Hand Wipes, Canister of Hand Wipes, Hand Sprays and Antiseptic Wall Mount Dispensers.

DuPont™ RelyOn™ Antiseptic Hand Sprays and Individual Wipes do not contain phenols, bleach, chlorhexidine, formaldehyde, quaternary ammonium salts or glutaraldehyde. These hand sprays and wipes may be conveniently carried in your pocket. Based on external comparative testing with a 2oz. gel, the Dupont™ Relyon™ 2 oz. hand spray provides twice the number of applications.

DuPont™ RelyOn™ Antiseptic Hand Wipe Canisters and Antiseptic Hand Dispensers can be easily mounted on the wall with the wall bracket. This provides a convenient way to offer antiseptic wipes without losing any counter space. The Hand Antiseptic Dispensers are wall mounted units, either hands free or manual. These Dupont™ Relyon™ Hand Dispensers allow for convenient and cost effective delivery of antiseptic solution. Eash dispenser holds 1000ml of Dupont™ Relyon™ Antiseptic Solution, which unlike foam or gel products will not clog the dispenser nozzle.

DuPont™ RelyOn™ Antiseptic Hand Gel is perfect for a healthier workplace and environment. The extended illness and the spread of diseases can be significantly reduced by keeping hands clean and germ-free as possible at all times. Dupont™ Relyon™ Antiseptic Hand Gel is designed just for this purpose.

DuPont™ RelyOn™ Antiseptic Hand Gel provides effective personal protection against the rapid spread of germs and bacteria that can lead to disease outbreaks and illness in corporate offices, healthcare facilities and among emergency response teams- anywhere where people come in contact with germs. DuPont™ RelyOn™ Antiseptic Hand Gel is available in an easy to use 4 fl. oz. personal size container.


Packaged: Hand Gel, Canister of Wipes, Individual Wipes, Hand Sprays & Antiseptic Dispenser

  • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.
  • Patented formulation contains a skin-softening emollient to help protect hands from drying.
  • No sticky residue, so gloves can be put on immediately after applying.
  • Does not contain bleach, quats, phenols, chlorhexidine, or gluteraldehyde.
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