AABACO Remediation Microbe Packages

An oil spill in the Gulf proves that oil spills can happen at any time and without notice. Oil spill clean up and remediation, can be fast and easy with the proper oil spill and bioremediation products. Whether it's a large or small spill, on land or water, at Aabaco we provide petroleum and oil remediation products nationwide to help petroleum companies with all their oil spill contamination and clean up problems.

A very effective way to clean up an oil spill is with oil eating microbes. These oil eating microbes are available in several different forms: Infused within an organic absorbent, which both absorbs the oil and rapidly bio remediates the contamination.

A concentrated liquid, for adding to a contaminated ground soil or water. A dry powder, for blending with other dispersion mediums/packages.


Once the heavy surface contamination has been removed, Bio-Remediation can be used in those areas where it is difficult to remediate without causing greater damage to the environment.

River ways, wetland, shorelines and other eco sensitive areas are all quick to suffer from Hydrocarbon contamination and then take the longest to recover.

Selected active microbe packages, formulated for specific areas of use, work 24/7. Silently, invisibly and rapidly they break down harmful hydrocarbons, both above and below ground level, into harmless Humic material (soil). Microbes These active microbe packages are formulated so as not to negatively increase nutrient levels nor deplete oxygen levels and also assist in breaking down existing organic matter and other industrial/agricultural runoff pollutants.

Effective bio remediation is not achieved by just covering the affected area with microbes. Aabaco Microbe Packages combine carefully selected products to ensure that the bio remediation process is performing at maximum efficiency at all times. Each project has it's own unique requirements and challenges.

Let Aabaco and its team members take the guess work out of your bio-remediation project. Call us for information on which microbe package best suits your needs.

Aabaco Environmental also provides many other types of oil spill remediation, absorbents and safety products that are necessary for cleaning up oil spills such as: oil spill containment kits, oil spill pads, oil spill socks and booms and microbial socks and booms specifically designed for oil remediation and cleaning up oil spills atop of land and water.
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